As a laughtercoach I love to give sessions and training all around the world.


I believe that we can raise the positive vibrations all together.

When we feel we are connected and we focus at the things we have in common in stead of the differences, it will bring peace.


Happy Flow Community is a community were we will connect people all over the world.

This one is still under construction




Vanuit de internationale community bieden we een positief verbindende brug aan en dragen we bij tot wereldvrede. Ons online platform is een mogelijkheid om in te pluggen in de positiviteit. Laagdrempelig en toegankelijk. Respect, veiligheid en vertrouwen.


Tegenkracht bieden tegen verzuring




Voor wie? Hoe en waarom.

We willen een community (zowel online als offline) creëren, waarbij iedereen, ongeacht waar ze wonen en ongeacht de leeftijd, ongeacht de cultuur kan inpluggen d.m.v. communicatie & positiviteit met als resultaat het algemeen welzijn te verhogen door de connectie met gelijkgestemden.


Onze community is een platform waar mensen elkaar kunnen vinden. Via universele waarden willen we graag de wereldvrede de hand toereiken. Een ontmoetingsplek waar mensen elkaar kunnen vinden met het oog op positiviteit.


Levendigheid - sociaal contact - constructief - bewustzijn verhogen - bruggen bouwen - sociaal netwerk


De Happy Flow Foundation is in het leven geroepen om zelfredzaamheid en zelfverantwoordelijkheid te bevorderen


We helpen mensen bij de verdere ontwikkeling van hun universele geluksvaardigheden: geluk, creativiteit, spontaniteit…


Universele, morele waarden (een lach is universeel – mensen van


verschillende culturen samenbrengen…)


The Power of Happy Flow

International Training

Inge Nassen (48)  is a Belgian massagetherapist and coach for more than 18 years.

She really felt the results of depression, anger, fear and negative thoughts in the bodies

In her therapy, she uses all kinds of methods to release stress and get more balanced.


As a laughtercoach she travels the world to spread the Power of Happy Flow.

She shows us how to use laughter to create instant serotonine and to get access to our inner power.


Feeling joy inside out boosts our energy level and makes us connect with ourselves and others.


Workshop : The Power of Happy Flow


I do believe…not because of what I think but because of what I feel and know


We all have something common here : we all have a mission we want to share in and with the world.

We want to inspire and help people grow their communication skills.

We want them to be able to hear their own voice.


To be a great leader it is necessary to be connected to your own true self.

That means to have the courage and self confidence to step on the stage and bring out your voice and your message.


Laughter is one of the strongest and universal tools for communication and connection.

It gets you out of your thinking world and reconnects you with your true strenght.


We start this workshop with some valuable theory, then to stimulate our laughter we do some exercises combined with breathing techniques based on laughteryoga and energywork.



You will learn how to use laughter as a tool to get even more balanced and relaxed.

You will experience how it boosts the serotonine and releases the stresshormon.

You will feel how it opens you to the knowledge you already have and

how it allows you to speak with more confidence, authenticity and with great presence.  


All the excersises are so easy. When you practice them in your life and work, you will be able to speak your truth so openly and with such high energy that people will listen to you and be able to receive your message.

Laughter, and these exercises will bring more vitality and flexibility into your life.


Activate your level of positive energy and smile inside out: enjoy Happy Flow! 

Join me in this course and find out for yourself what laughter can bring to your life.